Embracing A Healthy Living

New Life Fresh out of from college, starting to earn your own money and you’re loving the smell of freedom! “Finally! A life that you’ve been waiting to live”. Mom can’t tell you anymore to eat your vegetables or “You’re not standing up; until that plate is clean” or another famous mom dialogue “Go to […]


What Can You Do?   One of the most important aspects in human life is having the proper body weight. Due to ignorance many people end up being overweight without knowing the consequences the weight can cause to their bodies. Some of the common health hazards that come with an overweight body include hypertension which […]

Cheesy Food For You

Cheesy Food Most people think that doing exercise every day will keep them in good health, well, it’s half true. It goes down to what our lifestyle indicates on what to eat. Eating is what most people loves the most, thus, most people are gaining weight even though they exercise every day. You were trying […]