Embracing A Healthy Living

New Life

Fresh out of from college, starting to earn your own money and you’re loving the smell of freedom! “Finally! A life that you’ve been waiting to live”. Mom can’t tell you anymore to eat your vegetables or “You’re not standing up; until that plate is clean” or another famous mom dialogue “Go to bed now… It’s past your bedtime”. And here comes dad trying to talk you out of vices or convincing you not to start it or even think of trying it. As a loving, concerned father, you’re going to hear this for sure “Son, I’ve been there and done that I know how it’s like and I’m telling you, it’s not good” or “If you really want to try it just make sure you do it in moderation”. Those words are all gone, forgotten and thrown into outer space. I’m young, I have the energy, I have the time and I’m a free man. That’s all! That’s it!

Now, as you get a little older, life becomes more serious, here comes stress, vices were nurtured and eating sometimes is out of the list. All you can think of is I deserve a drink and I just want to sleep. Your mind is starting to cloud up and you can’t think clearly anymore.

Then one glorious morning came, you woke up with a very stinging pain that you can’t figure out the cause or where it’s coming from. So now you suddenly remember that a Doctor exists. After all the lab test and consultation, you’re lucky somebody up there loves you and it’s nothing really serious. Your body is just smacking you and telling you “Hey! You’re destroying me, I need a change!” And that’s the time you realized that mom and dad is absolutely right. And now you want to Embrace Healthy living.

It’s not only exercise that we need to be healthy, we also need to eat the right food. A proper exercise and a proper diet are the key to a healthy lifestyle. You don’t need to starve yourself or tear a muscle to be healthy. There is a simple and easy way to exercise. You just have to choose which fits your body condition. And most importantly, don’t forget to ask the doctor for your body limits, tell him what you have in mind and hear what he needs to say.

Here’s how we can start. Coming from a morning Run to burn those fats and your tummy is growling, we can enjoy a lettuce wrap with fresh tomato salsa and low fat cheese. Fresh tomato salsa is a good source Vitamin C or what we call Ascorbic acid that we all know helps in protecting our tissues by producing collagen. It also helps to protect your cells by neutralizing toxicity in your body. Vitamin A is also present in fresh tomato salsa. Vitamin A as we are all aware is good for our eyes it helps our retina, so we can see properly at night. It also helps us build a strong immune system to fight most sicknesses. For lettuce, it also produces Vitamin C and beta carotene to prevent the corrosion of cholesterol to prevent plaque from building up. This helps your heart a lot.

A lunch time workout is all that we can do that day. A 30 minute run on a cardio machine is also a great way to build up muscles and burn calories and fats. But we must not sacrifice the true essence of lunch time, which is eating! We need to eat after a lunch time cardio, but be sure it’s just light. A tuna sandwich with tomato, lettuce, onion, low fat cheese and mayonnaise will be perfect because it will easy for our tummy to digest. Mayonnaise contributes a positive effect on our body also, most of the fat in this condiment is unsaturated the so called good fat because the oil used in it is from plants. Since mayonnaise is high in fat content it helps us absorb some vitamins like A, D, K and E that our body can only absorb with the help of fat, but even though that’s the case we should still take it in moderation.

You can Swim, Bike, Run or Hike anytime you wish to. But we should never neglect to eat because our body needs nutrients and vitamins to sustain the, cells, muscle and tissue and almost all parts of our body for us to be able to Embrace Healthy Living.

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